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The oil and gas industry has severly impacted natural and human ecology over many decades. Fort Nelson First Nation community members have frequently expressed their concerns about the contamination of traditional foods, disturbances to wildlife and the habitat they depend upon, damage to fish-bearing streams, and the impacts on the appearance of the land. Elders speak longingly of a time before the environment and the bush life it supported were transformed by the arrival of the oil and gas industry. In recent years, their fears have risen as gas producers target so-called shale gas through a process they call fracking.

We invite you, through the Shale Gas Map, to get a glimpse into the changes that the oil and gas industry is inflicting on the territory. The icon on the top left of the map will turn on viewable layers of development (Water, Roads, Surveys, and Sites) that will allow you to see the impacts of the oil and gas industry on the landscape. Press "Play" on the icon at the bottom left of the map to scroll through a selection of traditional places that have been affected by oil and gas development and to see the impacts these developments have had on the ten traditional villages.