Liard & Horn River Basin Water Monitoring

Fort Nelson First Nation has been involved in a wide array of water quality and quantity monitoring projects. In 2013, water quality sampling was done at 27 sites throughout FNFN’s territory. This water quality initiative was funded by Health Canada and supported in-kind with donations of time and materials from the University of Victoria Water and Aquatic Sciences Research Laboratory. 

In partnership with Apache Corp., 75 water and 4 climate monitoring stations have been installed to establish baseline data on water quantities in the Liard River Basin . Along with the publicly accessible data from the non-profit GeoScience BC's Horn River Basin project (7 water and 3 climate stations)  and Environment Canada's long-term study sites (10 water and 4 climate stations), there is a large amount of information for the Lands Department to work with when assessing the health of our waterways. 

The FNFN Lands Department intends to mantain and expand our water monitoring capacity. With time, this water monitoring network will be able to provide long-term data vital for making informed decisions on land use management focused on protecting the water which sustains us. For more information, we invite you to watch our short documentary Tu No Tthé – We Need the Water.

Map of water monitoring stations throughout FNFN Traditional Territory