FNFN Cabin Project 2010

Before the Fort Nelson reservation was created in 1960, our people lived throughout our territory in or near ten traditional villages. Throughout the year, families would travel the rivers and overland, settling at village sites according to the season and family ties.

Beginning in 2006, the BC government sold land rights in the heart of Fort Nelson First Nation traditional territory to 18 of the world’s largest oil companies for shale gas extraction and highly controversial Hydraulic Fracturing ("fracking"). Today, we are struggling to maintain our traditional way of life and connection to our land and villages in the face of increasing oil and gas activity in our territory. We feel that by providing our people with a place to go and practice our way of life in peace will allow us to keep our traditional culture and values alive throughout the generations.

The Cabin Project will encourage community members to learn useful building skills, spend more time on the land, and help renew our traditional role as stewards of the land. Priority sites include village sites that under increasing threat from industrial development.

Special mussi cho and acknowlegments to Joe Netsena, Rupert & Sharon Behn for kick starting this project.