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This one is in Liidlii Kue/Fort Simpson

The head of British Columbia’s oil and gas regulator resigned last month to work for one of the energy companies his former employer is responsible for regulating, The Globe and Mail has learned.

Alex Ferguson, now a senior adviser with Apache Canada Ltd., is the third top official in the past 17 months to leave a provincial public body for a job in the natural-resources industry.

The government has guidelines that can temporarily restrict or prohibit similar movements – although loopholes exist and waivers can be given.

CBC came to Fort Nelson a couple weeks ago to study the promises and pitfalls of fracking, and spoke to our chief Kathi Dickie. Tune into Daybreak North 6am to 9am this week. They will be posting this series called Cornering Gas on the website in the future, as well.....

Also a very cool site one of our community members has.......

Listening to Dene On The Go radio show at ....hosted by Lawrence Nayally straight out of the Deh Cho!! Good to hear one of our young people speaking Dene. It's a great music mix too...everything from drum music to country to aboriginal music. Right now he's playing on of my favs by Gram Parsons & Emmylou Harris. Peace and have a great weekend everyone.

Interview with Dene Elder Harry Nande. There are many other Dene language interviews posted at the below website. These episodes are produced by the Native Communications Society of the NWT in Yellowknife. We gotta get something like this going in our part of the country!!

We're so lucky to live here and be able to enjoy it all! Snake River at sunset.