The open letter of support and gratitude to the community of Fort Nelson First Nation issued by the UBCIC can be viewed here.

The Fort Nelson First Nation media release issued April 18 2014 can be viewed here

Fort Nelson First Nation Chief Sharleen Gale hosted the First Nation Shale Gas-LNG Summit from April 14 to 16. It was the fourth summit held by First Nations in British Columbia that examined the impacts on the LNG industry.

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Treaty 8 First Nations from Alberta, BC and the Northwest Territories are meeting in Fort Nelson, BC this week.

On the agenda is striking a balance between a traditional way of life and the fast pace of shale gas exploration.

On Wednesday, the Fort Nelson First Nation put the BC government on notice citing a back room move that goes against their treaty right and kicked them out of the meeting.

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Tensions between First Nations and the BC government over LNG has reached a new high when earlier this month, the BC government passed an order without consultation from First Nations. We speak to Sharleen Gale, chief of the Fort Nelson First Nation.

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The Bill Good Show from Friday April 18, 2014

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