Scotland puts a moratorium on Hydraulic Fracturing. Find out more from the BBC report here.

In December 2014, Another province in Canada and State in the US have announced policy stopping all hydraulic fracturing activity. More information on the New Brunswick moratorium can be found here. More information on the New York ban can be found here.

Centrica detected a produced water pipeline leak close to their Clarke Lake gathering system location C-78-1 at 11:33 fort Nelson Time, December 16th, 2014. See a map of the spill location at the following link · The location is around 70ft off of the lease. · The leak is produced water in a 12ft by 12 ft pool and has been estimated to be 15-18m3. The pool appears stable. · Crews are mobilized for cleaning the surface water up and hauling it away for proper storage.

Recent report from the Pembina Institute identifies problems in BC government's claims of natural gas from fracking as a 'clean' energy source. Full story here.

Vancouver Sun coverage of Rich Coleman's response to the recent Environmental Law Centre's report documenting inadiquacies with current fracking waste water regulations. Full story here.

Prince George Citizen coverage of upcoming all-chiefs gathering with Premier Christy Clark. Full story found here.

Vancouver Sun coverage of supreme court decision repercussions concerning BC government's engagement with First Nations. Full story can be found here.

WC Native News coverage of Fracking's possible future in BC, as well as its sordid past in Alberta and the USA. Full story here.

Globe and Mail coverage of the recently published U Vic study on fracking wastewater disposal in BC. Full story found here.

Vancouver Sun front page story on the recent U Vic fracking waste disposal study. Full story found here.