FNFN Conflict of Interest rules drafted. Community input requested.

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Did you know that the Indian Act has no Conflict of Interest rules for Councils, employees, committees?

Land Codes, under First Nations Land Management (FNLM) must have regulations for Conflict of Interest.

The FNFN Land Code Development Committee has drafted Conflict of Interest rules.  This draft will be presented to the Community at a Community Working Session on Tuesday March 7th, 5 pm, at Chalo School Multi-Purpose area. 

Following is the opening statement for the Conflict of Interest Section of the FNFN Land Code:

 Conflict of Interest relates to the management and administration of Fort Nelson First Nation  reserve Lands, Natural Resources, or revenues arising from said lands.  This applies to all Council Members of Fort Nelson First Nation and, where applicable, to all members of Council committees and Boards, all officers and employees of Fort Nelson First Nation, Lands Governance Authority, and to all contractors of Fort Nelson First Nation.

A Conflict of Interest arises in any situation whereby an individual or a member of their immediate family has a personal or business interest in a transaction under consideration by authorized representatives of the Fort Nelson First Nation. Such transaction could benefit them or their family either financially or personally. 

This is a 13-page document.  If you would like a hard copy, please phone Nicole at the FNFN Lands office at 250 774 6313. 

To access this document electronically, please click for the March 1st draft of the FNFN Land Code Conflict of Interest: 


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