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Who We Are

Lana Lowe - Director

Lana is a member of the FNFN and grand-daughter to Harry and Adeline Dickie. She holds a bachelor's degree in Geography and a master's degree in Indigenous Governance from the University of Victoria. Lana has been with the department since December 2008.
lana [dot] lowe [at] fnnation [dot] ca

Cynthia Burke - Permits & Referrals Clerk

Cynthia is a grand-daughter of Fred and Madeline Burke. Cynthia processes all land-use permit applications in FNFN terrtiory and provides administrative support to the Land Code Development Committee. Cynthia has been working with the department since 2005.
cynthia [dot] burke [at] fnnation [dot] ca

Jennifer Coupé - Major Projects Coordinator [on leave]

Jennifer has Bachelor’s Degree in Anthropology from the University of Victoria. Jennifer leads the Lands team through environmental assessment processes and cumulative effects initiatives in FNFN territory. She has been with the department since June 2010.
jennifer [dot] coupe [at] fnnation [dot] ca

Katherine Capot-Blanc

Katherine is a proud Metis woman who is originally from Hazelton, BC. She holds a Diploma from the College of New Caledonia in Natural Resources and Environmental Technology. Katherine assesses land use actvities for environmental and treaty rights impacts, conducsts environmental field investigations and manages our invasive plant treatment program. Katherine has worked for FNFN since May 2011
katherine [dot] capotblanc [at] fnnation [dot] ca

Kathi Dickie

Kathi is a member of the Fort Nelson First Nation. She is the daughter of Harry and Adeline (nee Kotchea) Dickie. She has a Bachelor of General Studies from Simon Fraser University and a Certificate in Business Administration from Grande Prairie Regional College. She has a broad-base of experience and has served the Fort Nelson First Nation in many roles and positions, including serving on Council for a number of years.
kathi [dot] dickie [at] fnnation [dot] ca

Kerissa Dickie, Community Researcher for The RELAW Project

Kerissa is a member of FNFN and granddaughter to Harry and Adeline Dickie. Born and raised in the community, Kerissa received her Bachelor's in Writing from the University of Victoria. She has a strong background in research and has worked in diverse roles for FNFN starting in 1998 as a Capital Works summer student and now for Lands until May 2017.
kerissa [dot] dickie [at] fnnation [dot] ca

Marilyn Norby - Field Coordinator

Marilyn is of Tahltan ancestry and has lived in Fort Nelson since 2008. Marilyn has over 15 years' experience in the land and resources field, including fisheries, mining and renewable resources. Marilyn is the department Safety Officer and coordinates all field work and the Harvester Support Program for FNFN. Marilyn started working with the Lands Department in July 2011.
fieldcoordinator [at] fnnation [dot] ca

Nicole Burke, Receptionist

Nicole is a member of FNFN and is the daughter of Ignace and Ruby Burke. She graduated from Chalo School in 2011. She enjoys exercising her traditional culture out on the family trapline with her family. Nicole has been working with the Lands Department providing administrative support since 2012.
nicole [dot] burke [at] fnnation [dot] ca

Roberto Concepcion - GIS Technician

Roberto ("Bobby") is from Cebu City, Philippines. Roberto is a Civil Engineer by profession with extensive experience in Geographic Information Systems, specializing in digital mapping. He also has experience in community development and land use planning, including work with the Canadian International Development Agency. Bobby has been working with the FNFN Lands Department since April 2009.
roberto [dot] concepcion [at] fnnation [dot] ca

We envision a future when our community works together to care for our land, air and water. We envision our community taking a central role in land and resource management in our territory and we strive for responsible development in our land, where balance is once again found between our traditional cultural values and economic use of the land and resources. Today the Fort Nelson First Nation Lands Department upholds the spirit and intent of our treaty by asserting our rights to our land and taking responsibility to ensure that our future generations are able to live their lives in our lands in a way that honours our ancestors.